Segal GCSE’s celebrated Tax Series for Accountants returns

Segal GCSE’s celebrated Tax Series for Accountants returns

Toronto, ON ⁠–⁠ Segal GCSE is proud to present the 2023/24 Tax Series for Accountants, featuring Tax Partner Howard Wasserman. Starting in September, this latest series marks the seventh year for this professional development initiative. Covering a wide scope of tax, financial and business matters, these seminars enable tax professionals to gain critical knowledge and insight, empowering them to provide even greater value to clients.

A highly regarded expert and sought‑after speaker on Canadian and international tax matters, Wasserman has presented at the Canadian Tax Foundation, numerous local CPA associations, industry seminars and other conferences throughout Canada. As seminar host, he will share his deep knowledge, extensive experience and thoughtful insight on a vast range of relevant topics.

“The focus of these presentations is really trying to give practical advice,” explains Wasserman. “This is a valuable opportunity to discuss the finer details of current tax issues. Through these discussions, the accountants in attendance are better positioned to navigate complexities in their day‑to‑day professional lives.”

Practical solutions are at the heart of the Tax Series for Accountants ⁠–⁠ and this applies to both the way topics are explored and the broader need this series addresses. For one, attendees will earn 8.0 hours of verifiable CPD for attending all four sessions. “This is a great way for accountants to fulfill their continuing education obligations, while also getting informed on a practical basis,” says Wasserman. “Over time, I’ve refined my ability to breathe new life into challenging subjects, which helps attendees retain knowledge and tap into the benefits of collaborative learning.”

As always, the Segal GCSE Tax Series for Accountants will include real‑time Q&As, offering participants the chance to ask questions during each session on a specific topic of interest. “Howard’s insight and expertise would be more than enough reason to attend these sessions, but he has also built this into a uniquely collegial and collaborative series,” says Segal GCSE managing partner Dan Natale. “We are pleased to continue this tradition and do our part to help the next generation of accountants as they develop and refine their expertise.”

In the months ahead, stay tuned for additional details concerning registration, session dates and the topics under discussion.

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