Segal GCSE welcomes 2023 Moore North America Conference to Toronto

Segal GCSE welcomes 2023 Moore North America Conference to Toronto

Segal GCSE managing partner Dan Natale and partner Laurie Starkman

Toronto, ON ⁠–⁠ As an independent member firm of Moore North America, Inc. (MNA), Segal GCSE is proud to welcome the 2023 Moore North America Conference to Toronto. This year’s conference will be held over three days, May 31 through June 2, and marks the first time ever this annual event is held in Canada.

With the overarching theme “Fast Forward,” the conference brings together a diverse panel of industry leaders and experts to explore the impacts of technology and innovation on the future of the accounting field. Through keynote presentations, interactive workshops and breakout sessions, participants will focus on how to leverage technology to drive productivity and embrace innovation to stay ahead of the curve, ultimately positioning firms for long‑term growth and success.

Among the feature speakers this year will be Segal GCSE managing partner Dan Natale and partner Laurie Starkman. Focusing on innovation and future planning, Natale and Starkman will lead the presentation Mergers and Acquisitions: From Conception to Completion (And Everything in Between). In particular, they will discuss their collaborative and strategic approach in guiding the seamless integration that led to the formation of Segal GCSE in 2022.

“While many firms seek to grow their practices and teams organically, we saw a prime opportunity to quicken the pace without sacrificing quality,” says Natale. “We took the initiative in 2022 to strategically accelerate our growth through a merger, enabling us to deliver enhanced service and value to clients. Looking to the future, inorganic growth such as ours really is becoming the new norm. We hope to provide practical insight on how intention and ambition supported by a structured process and dedicated leadership has led to a successful outcome.”

With a clear vision and mission for the future, Segal GCSE is honoured to be a participant in the 2023 Moore North America Conference, and looks forward to welcoming all attendees to Toronto for a truly inspiring and memorable conference experience.

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Lavanya Sarathchandran
Marketing and Communications Manager

About Segal GCSE LLP

At Segal GCSE LLP, we embrace an ambitious firm philosophy: to provide our valued clients with an expansive service experience that enables greater opportunities for growth and prosperity. From innovative practices to specialty services, our agile team is on a journey to not just meet your audit, accounting, tax and business needs, but transform your entire portfolio.

For more than 45 years, we have employed a collaborative approach, leveraging the shared knowledge and expertise of our multi‑disciplinary professionals, to inspire and drive enhanced client success. Additionally, we augment our specialized offering with an international association with Moore North America, Inc. ⁠–⁠ one of the world’s leading accounting and advisory networks.

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