Segal GCSE serves as advisor for several recent transactions and valuations

Segal GCSE serves as advisor for several recent transactions and valuations

Recently, our Valuation & Transaction Advisory (VTA) team has been quite busy, executing several transactions and valuations for clients in a diverse range of industries across Canada. In this edition of our Insider blog, we look at the services provided by our VTA team, as well as some client success stories. For confidentiality, identifying names and details have been removed.

Transaction advisory

We work closely with clients throughout the buying/selling process to optimize efficiency and value. For those seeking to divest of business interests, we help ensure a seamless transaction. Our support includes identifying potential acquirers, preparing marketing materials, negotiating price and structure and managing due diligence. Drawing on our deep experience and knowledge of the sales process, we were instrumental in the following transactions:

  • Advised shareholders of a top janitorial services provider on the sale of shares to a multinational, private equity‑backed acquirer
  • Advised the owner of an Ontario‑based boat and recreational vehicle retailer during negotiations with a potential purchaser
  • Advised shareholders of an engineering company on price, structure and other transaction matters in connection to a U.S.‑based strategic acquirer
  • Assisted shareholders of a food ingredients company in connection with a sale of their shares to a financial buyer

Business valuation

We provide clients with an objective perspective on their business. Our advisory team has evaluated hundreds of sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations and franchises. In each case, we thoroughly assess the entity to determine the most accurate appraisal, eliminating uncertainty or surprises down the road. Our recent business valuation work includes:

  • For tax purposes, valuation of a large operating company in the landscaping space with intellectual property and operations across North America
  • For tax purposes related to charitable disbursement requirements, valuation of a large land development company held by a foundation
  • For matrimonial purposes, valuation of a franchisee in the home improvement industry
  • Valuation of a rapidly growing niche consulting company to facilitate development of an employee stock option plan
  • For strategic planning purposes, valuation of a branded fashion company selling into the U.S. and Canadian markets
  • For transaction support purposes, valuation of a commercial business controlled by a not‑for‑profit entity
  • For strategic planning purposes, valuation of a geographically diverse niche professional services and technology company

Ultimately, whether it’s transaction or valuation advisory, we understand no two situations are the same. Each client is unique and treated as such by our dedicated team of professionals. Should you have any questions about the transaction and/or valuation process, simply contact us.

Nothing is more valuable than sound advice

For more information:

Nathan Treitel
Practice Lead, VTA Team
Phone: 416-798-6916

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