Segal GCSE celebrates a Canadian champion

Segal GCSE celebrates a Canadian champion


Segal GCSE recently had the pleasure of attending the 2023 RBC Canadian Open in Toronto from June 8‑11 as a Champions Club sponsor. The event turned out to be more than just a memorable team‑building experience. This year’s tournament took on an extra layer of significance as Nick Taylor emerged victorious ⁠–⁠ the first Canadian champion since 1954.

Surrounded by like‑minded golf enthusiasts, several Segal GCSE partners and their guests were among the attendees who witnessed Taylor’s victory first‑hand ⁠–⁠ in addition to the extraordinary talent displayed by all the golfers in the competition. The lively atmosphere, exceptional hospitality and world‑class golf action was an ideal setting for building connections and sharing in the collective excitement of witnessing golf history in the making.

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Lavanya Sarathchandran
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