Corporate authorization instructions

Corporate authorization instructions
We recommend all our clients take advantage of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) online portal. You can authorize Segal as your representative, with secure online access to your business accounts, by following the corporate authorization instructions below.

Please choose the option that applies to you and follow the steps to authorize Segal as a representative:
Registering for My Account

Individuals must sign up for a personal CRA account before accessing My Business Account.

To register for My Account, click here

You’ll need your SIN number, date of birth, postal code and line 15000 (total income) from your last filed tax return.

You’ll be asked for a randomly generated line from the current or previous year’s tax return.

You’ll need to set up a CRA user ID and password with security questions and multi‑factor authentication.

The CRA will then send a security code to your mailing address on record. Please note it may take a few weeks before you receive the code in the mail. Once you receive the code, click here to log into My Account (CRA sign in is Option 2).

Proceed to the next set of instructions once completed.
Accessing My Business Account

If you already have a personal My Account:

Sign in (with your My Account user ID and password) to My Business Account here (CRA sign in is Option 2).

Add your Business Number (digits only) when prompted.

If there’s an error (see image below), please contact the CRA as they don’t have you listed as a representative for the business.

Web_Update_Corporate_Authorization_Instructions_Page_Error_Example Proceed to the next set of instructions once completed.

Instructions for adding another Business Number can be found in the next step.
Authorize Segal

Here are step-by-step instructions for authorizing Segal GCSE LLP as a representative:

Sign in to My Business Account here

  1. Click “Profile” in the navigation bar on the left

  2. Scroll to the “Authorized representatives” box and click “Manage authorized representatives”

  3. Click “Authorize a representative”

  4. Enter Segal’s Business Number (748006806) and click “Next”

  5. Select “Update and view (level 2)” and “All accounts” under required fields, then click “Next”

  6. After reviewing your selections, check the box under “Confirmation” and click “Submit”

Authorization is now complete!

Note: If you have multiple companies, these steps will need to be repeated for each company. Use the dropdown menu to the left of Overview to change between Business Numbers.

  1. 24217.05_W_SEGAL_Web_Updates_Corp_Auth_Instructions_Profile_Example
Adding Business Numbers

If you have a My Business Account and wish to add additional companies, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Profile” in the navigation bar on the left

  2. Scroll to the “Business Number(s) in your profile” box and click “Manage Business number(s) in your profile”

  3. Click “Add a business”

  4. Add your Business Number (digits only); repeat these steps for any additional numbers

  5. You should now be able to access the additional company/companies using the dropdown menu under Overview

  6. If the error below comes up, please contact the CRA.

Help & troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues logging into My Account or My Business Account, please try the steps below:

  • Use a different internet browser or the “incognito” mode of your current browser
  • Clear cache and cookies from your internet browser
  • If using a cellphone, turn off WiFi to connect to mobile data
  • If using autofill, manually type in your user ID and password
  • If using a VPN, disable the VPN when accessing the website

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