Celebrating eight years of charitable collaboration

Celebrating eight years of charitable collaboration


Toronto, ON ⁠–⁠ Since 2016, Segal GCSE has supported Crossroads International, a leading Canadian volunteer cooperation agency advancing equality for women and girls and eradicating poverty in some of Africa’s poorest countries. Crossroads works to create a more equitable and sustainable world by engaging and empowering individuals, organizations and communities through mutual learning, solidarity and collective action.

Always active in supporting and sponsoring charitable initiatives, Segal GCSE prioritizes giving back to the communities it serves. The firm’s long‑term relationship with Crossroads ⁠–⁠ playing a role in the Day of the Girl breakfast event and Girls’ Empowerment Programs in sub‑Saharan Africa ⁠–⁠ has kept this organization’s mission an ongoing presence at Segal CGSE, which inspires and motivates this team’s own commitment to elevating women and female leaders.

“I believe that Segal GCSE has remained loyal to our cause because it closely aligns with some of their key values: empowerment, women’s leadership and the importance of diversity and inclusion in running a business,” says Crossroads Executive Director Heather Shapter. “We also hope that the International Day of the Girl breakfast has provided positive visibility for Segal GCSE, demonstrating a commitment to these values to its employees and the world at large.”

The Day of the Girl breakfast event is designed to raise awareness of the unique challenges girls face ⁠–⁠ with particular attention given to the circumstances that young girls are confronted by every day in sub‑Saharan Africa where Crossroads operates. For the team at Segal GCSE, helping advocate for the rights of these girls and seeing first‑hand evidence of the empowering impact this work has on their lives has cemented their commitment to corporate responsibility.

“Partnering with Crossroads is a great way to distinguish a firm from its competitors,” explains Shapter. “This shows clients they are about much more than the products or services they offer, and they genuinely care for the world their clients and employees live in. As one of our Girls’ Empowerment participants often says, ‘Why fit in when you can stand out!?’”

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