2022/23 Annual Tax Publication

2022/23 Annual Tax Publication

Have no fear, our tax publication is here

Not all heroes wear capes. In a world where tax matters can seem increasingly overwhelming and complex, Segal GCSE has come to the rescue with our 2022/23 Annual Tax Publication.

The theme of this year’s publication ⁠–⁠ Power of Partnership ⁠–⁠ is a direct reflection of the 2022 merger between Segal LLP and GCSE LLP, officially creating Segal GCSE. This bold union brought together two dynamic, respected and highly skilled groups of people. Most importantly, the combination of these two groups into one united firm has proven to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Our 2022/23 Annual Tax Publication is a prime example of the breadth and depth of expertise and talent Segal GCSE represents. When you’re surrounded by new regulations, evolving legislation and changing requirements, think of this tax publication as your ultimate not-so-secret weapon. We developed this publication as yet one more way to give you every advantage possible.

As you will undoubtedly see, many hours and much careful work went into the creation of this year’s tax publication. Within its pages, you will find a diverse range of topics, all thoroughly examined and explained, all to empower you with the knowledge and insight to plan and act with confidence. We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource today.

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